LED 2D (aka) Butterfly Lamps provide a superior light output and impressive energy savings over the standard fluorescent 2D lamp it is designed to replace. With a 2 pin GR8 or 4 pin GR10q base the LED lamp simply fits into the existing lamp holder. This light source comes with a 6.5W or 12.5W rating, that’s the equivalent of a 16W or 28W fluorescent. Available in White, Warm White or Cool White and available for (EM) Electromagnetic fittings or (HF) High Frequency. There is also a replacement that can be wired straight to mains.

Filament Pygmy's

Filament Lamps

New filament pygmy's ideal LED replacement for traditional incandecant lamps. Available in Bayonet Cap, Eddison Screw and Small Eddison Screw.

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