The incandescent GLS (General Lamp Shape) light bulb was the mainstay of domestic lighting for many years. These LED GLS light bulbs are a direct retrofit replacement for a conventional Incandescent or Halogen GLS lamp, with all the benefits LED lighting has to offer. These lamps come with colour temperatures varying from 2700K Very Warm White to 6500K Daylight, Opal or Clear finishes and in dimmable or non-dimmable versions

LED Filament GLS

Unlike standard bright or warm white LED light bulbs, the humble filament bulb lays its decorative inner workings bare. Combined with their more natural-looking glow, they make for much more of a focal point in a room. Plus, whereas once they were modelled on standard tubular designs, today, filament light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes. ‚Äč