Infrared (IR) PAR lamps are specialised light bulbs that emit both light and heat in the form of infrared radiation. Infrared heat lamps operate based on the principle of thermal radiation. Inside the lamp, there is a special tungsten filament that heats up to a high temperature. As a result, the filament emits infrared radiation. When this radiation interacts with your body, it raises your body’s temperature, providing warmth and therapeutic benefits.

IR PAR lamps are highly efficient, producing a beam of short-wave infrared energy. They provide immediate warmth as soon as they are turned on. These lamps have a longer lifespan compared to regular incandescent bulbs. Some IR PAR lamps are made with hard glass, which resists thermal shock. These are suitable for areas where there may be exposure to splashing liquids, such as food preparation areas and washrooms.

Therapeutic Use: IR lamps are commonly used for therapeutic purposes, such as muscle relaxation, pain relief, and improving blood circulation.

Industrial and Commercial Settings: They are also used in industrial processes, drying applications, and heating specific areas.

Food Preparation Areas: The hard glass versions are suitable for use in food preparation spaces due to their resistance to thermal shock.