A light fitting or luminaire is an electrical lighting device containing one or more light sources, such as lamps, and all the accessory components required for its operation to provide illumination to the environment. All light fixtures have a fixture body and one or more lamps. The lamps may be in sockets for easy replacement or, in the case of some LED fixtures, hard-wired (Integrated) in place.

Fixtures may also have a switch to control the light, either attached to the lamp body or attached to the power cable. Permanent light fixtures, such as pendant or chandeliers, may have no switch on the fixture itself, but rely on a wall switch.

Light fixtures may also have other features, such as reflectors for directing the light, an aperture (with or without a lens), an outer shell or housing for lamp alignment and protection, an electrical ballast or power supply, and a shade to diffuse the light or direct it.

Our chosen range contains both Integrated and non-integrated fittings, indoor and outdoor suitable, from functional to decorative.