Your electronic products today, like remote controls and portable audio, are thirstier for power than ever. Keep them running longer with our range of popular batteries.

Philips Alkaline Batteries:

Philips offers three grades of primary alkaline batteries: Premium Alkaline, Ultra Alkaline, and Power Alkaline.

Premium Alkaline and Ultra Alkaline are best suited for high-pulse or high-drain applications, while Power Alkaline batteries are better for normal usage.

If you are looking for reliable performance in high-drain devices, consider the Premium Alkaline or Ultra Alkaline options.

Philips Rechargeable Batteries:

Philips also produces rechargeable batteries. These can be a more environmentally friendly choice since they can be recharged multiple times.

Philips Rechargeable Batteries come in various capacities (mAh) and are suitable for devices like wireless headphones and other gadgets.

Remember that rechargeable batteries tend to have a limited number of charge cycles, so consider this when making your choice.